Kids Martial Arts Classes

As a parent, we know you want the best for your children. MMA Insititute offers outstanding martial arts instruction for children ages 4-14. Our instructors carry with them a lifetime of martial arts experience and create a fun, friendly atmosphere for your children. The best part is - you can enroll your child at anytime!

Led by main instructor Jake Young , our program is focused on practical self defense tactics, with an emphasis on brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai. Children learn to effectively evade attackers, de-escalate potentially harmful situations and arm themselves with confidence and self esteem. Class times are as follows:

Monday: Ages 4-6, 4PM - 4:50PM, Ages 7-14, 5PM - 5:50 PM

Wednesday: Ages 4-6, 4PM - 4:50PM, Ages 7-14, 5PM - 5:50 PM

Saturday: All Ages, 9AM - 9:50 PM

In addition to learning practical techniques, all instruction includes character development. Each class connects the techniques learned to a specific value such as honesty, self-motivation, self-respect, respect for others, and self-control to name only a few.

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